[b-hebrew] Definite articles and proper names in B-Hebrew

Gerry Folbre gerry at wetmountainvalley.us
Thu Oct 1 17:11:49 EDT 2009

James Christian:

This discussion may be benefited by examining the B-Hebrew masculine 
noun that is generally rendered "name"; $M: the exact designation of 
...; the "name" of brute animals (i.e. bear, noun); a river's "name"; a 
personal "name"; the reputation of ...; a byword, characteristic 
expression, metaphor, or proverb; name, as designation of God, 
specifically of YHWH (paraphrased from the BDB Lexicon of the OT). 


According to the BDB Lexicon of the OT $M = "name" of the Hebrew Deity 
YHWH.  The masculine noun $M is not used in regard to the plural 
masculine noun 'LHYM that can be referring to "rulers, judges, angels, a 
god, a goddess, gods, as well as God = the Hebrew Deity (paraphrased 
from the BDB Lexicon of the OT). 


The context of the Genesis 1 thru 2:3 creation account appears to employ 
the plural masculine noun 'LHYM as an appellative or common noun that 
refers to the attributes of the Hebrew Deity.  The plural masculine noun 
'LHYM does not appear to be used as either "a title" or "a name".


Gerry Folbre

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