[b-hebrew] Michel on the Verb in the Psalms

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וישלח = בא-היא-שלח no more and no less.

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On Oct 1, 2009, at 9:54 AM, Randall Buth wrote:

> vayyixtov Rolf Furuli
>> PS. While I was preparing to send my post, I got Randall's post. And
> I would like to make some  comments: Michel does not only deal with
> syntax but also with verb meaning. Contrary to Randall I am not aware
> of the existence of the strange breed of animals called "poetic
> verbs". "
> There has been a miscommunication here. Randall doesn't know
> such a breed either, though Michal may have. (It's been thirty years
> since I read it. Michal is not a successful way of reading biblical  
> Hebrew,
> including narrative, as WoC mention.)
> I do not believe that poetic verbs are essentially different from  
> narrative.
>  A tense-aspect-mode system belongs to a language or register
> as a whole. (diglossia is a different question and then there may be
> two systems by definition. e.g. literary Hebrew, colloquial Hebrew in
> the 2cBCE)  There is one verb system for literary/biblical Hebrew.
> Having mentioned 'one verb system',
> Hebrew does allow a poet to play with that  the system as a poetic
> device.  As if:
> "He did it well,
> he would/will do it marvelously."
> this is the YIQTOL-QATAL phenomenon discussed by Moshe Held
> though it is more general than his article and was not limited to
> 'same verb'. The 'same verb' just helps us see the poetic intention
> after 3000+ years in both Ugaritic and Hebrew.
> So QATAL/YIQTOL can be a nice Hebrew poetic device.
> But generally not translated into Greek by a mimicry of form (and I'm
> not saying that they should, only that they didn't. you are aware  
> that LXX
> uses all aorist indicative for Ps 2 qatal-yiqtol yiqtol-qatal)
> and often underappreciated by moderns.
> Michal did not appreciate it.
> blessings
> Randall
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