[b-hebrew] update to the neo-Paleo standard (interesting for all Hebraists)

Richard Green richardgg at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 21 21:03:27 EST 2009

I was teaching someone is Synagogue Hebrew letters and they said
I kept pronoucing 'h' wrong and many other letters 'h' and 'y' was
really 'e'. She (http://yehspace.ning.com/) said that i was using
modern letters and square script was not right according to
'http://www.ancient-hebrew.org/' Jeff Brenner. I noticed the link on
your page. http://reactor-core.org/
Even Today all i could see was
she had mixed up Paleo Greek pronunciation over Hebrew and was thinking
they was both pronounced the same. 

I was told as a child
square script was not modern it is at least a few thousand years old,
Paleo does not have many Torah scrolls on earth, i personally have
never seen one complete scroll. Also thet Greek paleo and Hebrew paleo
are pronounced diffrent.
Have I got any of this wrong?

> Date: Sat, 21 Nov 2009 15:02:02 -0800
> From: ted at reactor-core.org
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> Subject: [b-hebrew] update to the neo-Paleo standard (interesting for all	Hebraists)
> I have updated the neo-Paleo standard.  Now it should be even EASIER to
> communicate Hebrew words and concepts between and to non-Hebrew
> speakers.
> URL: http://reactor-core.org/neopaleo.html
> In addition it shows the strong link between modern alphabets and the
> Israelite writing system.
> Please look it over and get back to me.
> Ted
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