[b-hebrew] Is the Masoretic Text reliable?

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K. Randolph wrote

I also have a list of 17  verses where the Masoretes admit to changing
the verses, 

which list exactly do you mean?


Christian Ginsburg wrote that there were 17 theophoric names starting
with "Yeho" which were shortened to theophoric names starting with"Yo":

 Christian Ginsburg, Introduction To the Massoretico-Critical Edition Of
The Hebrew Bible, p 369.
"There are, however, a number of compound names in the Bible into the
composition of which three out of the four letters of the Incommunicable
Name have entered. Moreover, these letters which begin the names in
question are actually pointed  Jeho, as the Tetragrammaton itself and
hence in a pause at the reading of the first part of the name it sounded
as if the reader was pronouncing the Ineffable Name. To guard against it
an attempt was made by a certain school of redactors of the text to omit
the letter He   so that the first part of the names in question has been
altered from Jeho  into Jo ." 
Of course Christian Ginsburg believed that God's name was actually
"(Y)Jehovah"  and that this change was made so that the Jewish reader
would not accidentally pronounce the name "(Y)Jehovah". 
And he believed this change took place before the Masoretes wrote their
The Leningrad Codex of 1008-1010 A.D. lists 6 different variants of YHWH,
only one of which was "Yehovah". but Hebrew Scholars do not believe that
God's name is Yehovah.
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