[b-hebrew] Why "Random" in 2 Chron 18:33?

Murray Hogg muzhogg at netspace.net.au
Mon Nov 16 02:10:49 EST 2009

Hi Folks,

A question has arisen on another list of which I am part as to the translation of לתמו (from תמם) in 2 Chron 18:33.

Most English translations give "at random" or "at a venture" - but the idea of randomness or chance doesn't occur in my rather limited references.

Nor am I able to get to a library for the next few days.

Could some kind soul please offer a couple of remarks as to why it is the translators might have chosen "at random/at a venture" in this place when the lexicon entry seems to centre upon notions of fullness or completeness?

Thanks in advance,
Murray Hogg
Melbourne, Australia

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