[b-hebrew] Psalm 2:11-12

kenneth greifer greifer at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 15 18:39:28 EST 2009

I know how much people on B-Hebrew like my idea of regrouping the Hebrew letters of controversial quotes, so here is one of my ideas for Psalm 2:11-12 which some people translate as "kiss the son", etcetera.
Maybe it says "serve the L-rd in fear and joy and innocence (bet resh), while (until) (ayin dalet) His being set on fire (hay) (nun sin koof) (vav) is innocent (bet resh), lest He will become angry and you will perish stepping forth. When will burn almost (a little?) His anger, marching (alef shin resh) will complete (kaf lamed lamed כלל as kaf lamed כל) (yud kaf lamed) (geminate verb) my pitying by Him."
Maybe the nations are planning to attack, so he is saying that G-d is a little angry right now, but He will become very angry if they actually start to march toward Israel.
The verb spelled (kaf lamed lamed) is used in EZEKIEL 27:4 and 11.
It's a wild guess, but sometimes wild guesses are fun.
Kenneth Greifer
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