[b-hebrew] BH and Modern Approaches to Case

Peter Bekins pbekins at fuse.net
Thu Nov 12 07:28:39 EST 2009

Dear list,

Is anyone aware of treatments of Biblical Hebrew "case" relations  
from modern (ie post-Fillmore) approaches? Muraoka has a short  
article on verb complementation in which he notes that direct objects  
and prepositional phrases can alternate for some verbs with no  
apparent difference in meaning, but he does not interact with the  
discussion of case in linguistics.

His student Malessa briefly discusses case in his dissertation on  
verbal valence, but he only outlines his theoretical framework  
without any discussion of the broader issues and his bibliography  
only has references to general works on case.

This is a sub-topic of my dissertation so I would rather not spend  
alot of time on it, but if nobody has done much with it yet then I  
may have to.

Pete Bekins

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