[b-hebrew] watered ground & forming dust

Gerry Folbre gfolbreiii at gmail.com
Mon Nov 9 19:59:46 EST 2009

I would like to discuss what I perceive as incongruent anomalies composed
within Gen. 2:6b & 2:7a.

Gen. 2:6b והשׁקה את־כל־פני־האדמה׃ ...  {and irrigated [watered/made wet] the
whole face of the ground).

Gen. 2:7a ... וייצר יהוה אלהים את־האדם עפר מן־האדמה  {and it formed the
human archetype of dust from the ground ...)

Gen. 2:6b states that the entire face (surface) of the ground is irrigated.
But then Gen. 2:7a not only describes “dry, loose earth (or dust)” being
found upon the newly irrigated surface of the ground, Gen. 2:7a also
apparently stats that somehow this “dry, loose earth (dust)” can somehow be
“formed”.  However, “dust (dry, loose earth) from the ground” is not an
earthly substance that lends itself to being “formed {like a potter forms a

If there is anyone who may have some constructive insight into these
contextual anomalies, I look forward to discussing these subjects with you.

Gerry Folbre

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