[b-hebrew] Request for Assistance

Jody Gorran jgorran11 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 6 09:20:12 EST 2009

I have cross-posted this request for assistance to several lists, so
please forgive
me if you happen to see it more than once.

I am seeking to locate an open-access publication that would be interested in
publishing a paper I have written a entitled Ancient Hebrews and Arabia.

The paper is a literature review of books, journal articles and dissertations
published over the past 175 years which provide numerous references to theories
relating to a substantive Hebrew relationship, involvement and/or
presence in Arabia
during the millennia before the destruction of the first temple in 586
BCE and the
century thereafter.

The majority of these references seem to be unacknowledged by today’s scholarly

I take no position or make any judgments as to the validity of any of
the theories that I
present along with their reference citations.  I leave those
determinations to scholars with
appropriate academic and field credentials.

The paper is 52 pages including citations and as a pdf document it is 205 KB.

I would be pleased to send a pdf copy via email to anyone on this list
who might request
one.  Even if you are unable to directly assist me in my search for a
publisher, I am most
willing to send you a copy for your review.

My point is to make this material easily available to any interested scholar.

You may request a copy directly from me at       jgorran11 at gmail.com

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Jody A. Gorran
Delray Beach, Florida USA

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