[b-hebrew] Unicode/XML Westminster Leningrad Codex potential service problem

Christopher Kimball transcriber at tanach.us
Wed Nov 4 12:55:04 EST 2009

The web hosting provider for the Unicode/XML Westminster Leningrad Codex at


may have gone out of business.  E-mail, snail-mail, and phone attempts 
to contact the provider  have failed.  Although the site continues to 
operate correctly,  it may fail suddenly and completely.  (The hosting 
contract is paid until Feb 2010.)

In the event of problems with the site, please go to the backup site at


Be sure the Server mode to "Local"  The RSS feed is not generated by the 
backup site.  Please notify me immediately as a complete alternative 
site is available at "an undisclosed location".

Relocation of the site to an other web hosting provider is in progress.

Chris Kimball
West Redding, CT 06896


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