[b-hebrew] And Samuel turned back after Saul: the meaning of 1 Samuel 15:31

Jay Frank jif95 at mac.com
Wed Jul 29 09:27:49 EDT 2009


You offer: "Beware of idolatry. It is possible to idolise men as well as statues." All manner of things are possible, including a propensity to argue by means of baseless insinuation. I episodically idolize my grandchildren - little else. 

In terms of Torah study, I rely on the JPS Torah commentary supplemented by Plaut, with frequent reference to Everett Fox, Friedman, and Alter, and  I am more than satisfied with provisionally rejecting Alter's rendering of 1 Samuel 15:31. At the same time, I have been led to believe that Alter has considerable expertise and artistry in the field, certainly enough to warrant respect, hence the provisional nature of my rejection. Your strong suspicion "that  Alter has theological reasons for his interpretation" is simply insufficient to leave me uninterested in the possibility of getting further clarification from the author. 

It is interesting that you now write: "You yourself provided his agenda when you opened this thread." Apparently, what started as a strong suspicion has achieved the status of self-evident observation. Such is the magic of certitude ...

Thank you anyway for your input.


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