[b-hebrew] Psalm 110:4 `al-divrati and revia mugrash

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Sun Jul 26 03:59:22 EDT 2009

I have an interesting question on accents and a poetic reading.
`al divrati על-דברתי in Psalm 110:4 has a long tradition of being read
as a poetic preposition with the yud being a poetic embellishment
and not the personal pronoun 'my'. The LXX does not have 'my'
here, and Rashi, Ibn-Ezra, and QimHi all point out that the phrase
`al divrati should be interpreted as if it read `al divrat.

My question concerns the MT accents. They have a revia` mugrash
on this phrase, which is a major disjunctive in the psalms (eme"t)
system of te`amim. I am thinking that this accent suggests that
the MT interpreted `al-divrati as "on my word, O Melchitsedek".
Does anyone have some nice counterexamples for revia` mugrash
that would support the traditional reading within the confines of the

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