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there is no mention of any 'historical bronze age' in the texts. It  
just tells us that it happened after the flood. Your placing these  
accounts in a 'historical bronze age' is your own devices. Not  
something that exists in the texts.

Also, nothing in the text presents Sarah giving birth at such an age  
as a normal event. It is quite clearly due to YHWH's intervention. A  
gift from YHWH. That's the whole point of the story.

James Christian

Quoting JimStinehart at aol.com:

> Karl:
> Here is your own theory of the ages of people in the Patriarchal narratives:
> “Is this history or not? If history, then this is evidence that for whatever
> reason, people’s lives have been getting shorter.”
> In the historical Bronze Age?  Karl, are you serious?  We have overwhelming
> historical evidence to the contrary.  You are saying that in the historical
> Bronze Age (after any Flood), there were people who lived to the age to
> which Abraham’s father Terakh is portrayed as living at Genesis 11: 31:
> namely, the age of 205 years (where, in your view, “years” means   
> 12-month years)?
> Are you serious about that, Karl?  And women did like Sarah is portrayed as
> doing, in your view, namely gave birth at age 90 years, in 12-month years?
> In the historical Bronze Age?
> Karl, if that’s your belief, then we’ve got nothing more to discuss on
> this subject.
> Jim Stinehart
> Evanston, Illinois
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