[b-hebrew] Question about Gen 1:1-2

Marie Casale mjcasale at earthlink.net
Thu Jul 23 11:32:58 EDT 2009

Greetings to the group:
I apologize if I have gotten anyone in trouble.  I did not mean to get into a discussion about the theology of the gap theory.  The reason I mentioned it was because I needed to explain why I wanted a correct translation of the Hebrew words for 'was' and 'became' and which one is correct in verse 2.  Sometimes it is unavoidable to separate discussion of language and theology because the understanding of true theology depends on correct understanding of the Hebrew language and the meaning that the text intended to convey.  Hope I have not offended anyone.

If anyone would like to discuss the gap theory in private, my email address is:
mjcasale at earthlink.net


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