[b-hebrew] Genesis 41: 1: "Two Years of Days"

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Tue Jul 21 09:55:21 EDT 2009

It means a lot to me that you see my theory of the ages of the Patriarchs 
as being possible.  Thank you so very, very much for being open-minded.  Now 
let me see if I can convince you that my theory is plausible.
Jacob is stated age 130 “years” when he arrives in Egypt (Genesis 47: 9), 
being a spry old man at age 65 regular years.  130/2 = 65.  Joseph had been 
stated age 30 “years” (Genesis 41: 46), being age 15 regular years, when 
Joseph had predicted to Pharaoh that beginning next year (not this year), 
there would be 7 regular years of feast, then 7 regular years of famine.  
Genesis 41: 26;  29-30  (Periods of years in Egypt are set forth in 12-month, 
regular years, unlike people’s ages.)  When Jacob arrives in Egypt, 10 regular 
years have now passed by since Joseph’s prediction:  1 regular year until the 
feast years began, plus 7 regular years of feast, plus 2 regular years so 
far of famine.  1 + 7 + 2 = 10.  (There are 5 more regular years of famine to 
come at this point.  Genesis 45: 6, 11)  So Joseph is now age 25 regular 
years.  15 + 10 = 25.  At age 25 regular years, Joseph is 40 regular years 
younger than his father Jacob, who is age 65 regular years when he arrives in 
Egypt after 2 years of the devastating worldwide famine.
Going back in time now, taking Abraham’s birth as being the beginning of 
regular Year 1, Isaac was born in regular Year 50 (when Abraham is stated age 
100 “years”).  Per Genesis 25: 26, Jacob is born when Isaac is stated age 
60 “years”, which is age 30 regular years.  So Jacob is born in regular Year 
80, when Abraham is age 80 regular years.  50 + 30 = 80.  As noted above, 
Joseph is born when Jacob is age 40 regular years, meaning that Joseph is 
born in regular Year 120.  80 + 40 = 120.
Genesis 50: 22, 26 tell us twice that Joseph dies at age 110 “years”, 
which is age 55 regular years.  110/2 = 55.  Since Joseph was born in regular 
Year 120, that means that the Patriarchal narratives end with Joseph’s death 
in regular Year 175.  120 + 55 = 175.
As you know, Abraham is portrayed as dying at stated age 175 “years” 
(Genesis 25: 7), which is age 87½ regular years.  The math is perfect.  Abraham 
dies at  e-x-a-c-t-l-y  the halfway point of the internal timeline of the 
Patriarchal narratives!  Abraham dies at age 175 “years”, in 6-month “years”, 
and the Patriarchal narratives end when Joseph dies in regular Year 175, 
being 175 regular, 12-month years after Abraham’s birth.  The math is perfect!
George, I hope the foregoing may cause you to view my theory of the 
Patriarchs’ ages as being not only possible, but also plausible.  The math works 
The “proof” of my theory is that all 40 ages and periods of years in the 
Patriarchal narratives work perfectly on my theory of the case.  Not a single 
age or period of years fails to fit perfectly.  No one is too old, and the 
entire internal timeline of the Patriarchal narratives is consistent to a 
fault.  There is not a single “mistake” in any of the 40 numbers in the 
Patriarchal narratives that are either ages or periods of years.  
If my theory of the case were wrong, it is not “plausible” that all 40 of 
these 40 numbers would work so perfectly.
Jim Stinehart
Evanston, Illinois 

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