[b-hebrew] Genesis 15:6, believe/ faith, as it relates to common usage in science

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Dear Steven,

The use of "faith" in Genesis 15:6 is consistent with how it is used in ALL of
the Tanakh. Knowledge and faith go hand in hand. Both are required for
coherence. The difference is that knowledge will take a person only so far along
the line, while faith continues along that line.

Abram had been led by God to Canaan in obedience to His Promise. Second, even
when Abram lied about Sarah, God protected Abram in Egypt. Abram was blessed by
God in Genesis 13 after the split with Lot. He was protected by God when he
chased after the captured Lot and the return of the captured goods to
Melchizedek, the priest of he Most High God in Genesis 14.

Genesis 15 begins with the Promise of God to Abram about the size of Abram's
descendants. Thus, Abrams, "belief" in God to do what He "PROMISED." Entirely
consistent upon the facts/knowledge of God at that point.

Rev. Bryant J. Williams III
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> Dear Rolf Furuli and list members:
> I had earlier requested information from Rolf Furuli about the research he had
done. Perhaps the request was outside of the scope of this list.
> I hope that this question is more appropriate:
> Since the word "faith" is sometimes used by scientists ("With solid faith
> that laws of the small should fit together into a coherent whole, physicists
> are relentlessly hunting down the elusive unified theory." Brain Greene, The
> Elegant Universe, page 386), Does the biblical Hebrew word translated as
> "faith" (Gen. 15:6, The New American Bible... "believe" according to most
others) engage the ideas that scientists intend (as above) when they invoke
> My understanding of Greene's words is that physicists note the tendencies in
the evidence and develop a strong belief about what they will find in the end,
even though there is, at present, no direct observational or experimental
experience for the belief upon which they can rely.
> Although I have an opinion, I accept my limitations and would therefore
appreciate list members comments.
> Thank you,
> Steve Teague
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