[b-hebrew] Genesis 15:6, believe/ faith, as it relates to common usage in science

Steve Teague cosmos at intergate.com
Mon Jul 20 17:09:45 EDT 2009

Dear Rolf Furuli and list members:

I had earlier requested information from Rolf Furuli about the research he had done. Perhaps the request was outside of the scope of this list.

I hope that this question is more appropriate:

Since the word "faith" is sometimes used by scientists ("With solid faith 
that laws of the small should fit together into a coherent whole, physicists 
are relentlessly hunting down the elusive unified theory." Brain Greene, The 
Elegant Universe, page 386), Does the biblical Hebrew word translated as 
"faith" (Gen. 15:6, The New American Bible... "believe" according to most others) engage the ideas that scientists intend (as above) when they invoke faith?

My understanding of Greene's words is that physicists note the tendencies in the evidence and develop a strong belief about what they will find in the end, even though there is, at present, no direct observational or experimental experience for the belief upon which they can rely.

Although I have an opinion, I accept my limitations and would therefore appreciate list members comments.

Thank you,

Steve Teague

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