[b-hebrew] Genesis 41: 1: "Two Years of Days"

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Dear James,

While I personally think that Jim's theory is dead wrong, there is a huge
difference between the long life-spans of biblical characters (and those in
other works of literature as well) and the examples that you listed bellow.
Humans living hundreds of years is not only not a part of our present-day
experience. It is also totally impossible within our understanding of the
laws of nature as they stand at present. Theorizing that "nature was
different in the distant past" or the "God intervened in the cases of
certain chosen people" is a statement of faith, by its nature unprovable by
any scientific method known to us. As long as you admit that your position
depends on an acceptance of the biblical text as factually accurate out of
faith, that's fine. Comparing anyone who does not accept your faith with
children is derogatory, and has no place on this list.

Yigal Levin

Co-moderator, B-Hebrew 

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Yeah. Basically, there are 10 different types of people. Those who  
understand binary. And those who don't.

Using base 7 there are 10 days in the Christian week (with Sunday  
being both first the 10th day)

Anyway, I think I agree with Karl. All these theories about the ages  
of folk up to Noah are based on a disbelief that people in the past  
could have lived longer than those who live in the present. A bit like  
kids who don't believe Grandma used to wash all Grandad's clothes by  
hand because washing machines didn't exist. Or kids who don't believe  
Granny and Grandad used to play on the street because there was no  
Cartoon Network and TV to watch it on.

James Christian

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