[b-hebrew] b-hebrew Uncancellable meaning and Hebrew verbs

David Kummerow farmerjoeblo at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 7 18:57:19 EDT 2009

Hi Karl,

> [snip]
> If you had been listening, you would have heard that your dialectal
> use is valid but only for within your dialect.

So semantics as uncancellable meaning is invalid as a principal within a 
dialect, but not so within a "standard language"? This is entirely 
arbitrary. To be convincing, you to demonstrate why this is a 
limitation, not just state it.

So is the language of the Bible "standard" or a "dialect"?

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>  >>
>  >>  > But since you were so hung up on an example from a specific 
> dialect, I
>  >>  > presented additional language examples that cannot be relegated to
>  >>  > dialect. But here you just avoid them.
>  >>  >
>  >> You accuse too quickly, accusing of avoiding when others see it as
>  >> merely not addressing an irrelevancy or that the question has already
>  >> been addressed elsewhere, so no need to repeat oneself.
>  >
> Accusing too quickly is not nice.

I'm sorry, Karl. But it is you who is not dealing with actual language 
evidence which contradicts your position which I raised regarding Lyélé 
and Udihe.

David Kummerow.

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