[b-hebrew] b-hebrew Uncancellable meaning and Hebrew verbs

David Kummerow farmerjoeblo at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 5 01:21:16 EDT 2009

Hi James,

It's the English I myself use and hear about me, nothing comically meant 
by it at all.

I guess you see my point now, that there isn't a single meaning across 
the uses I've brought. Semantics defined as uncancellable meaning leaves 
"plod" in my dialect without semantics. Better to define semantics 
prototypically, and probably best done by way of frame analysis.

David Kummerow.

> Hi David,
> I don't know which variant dialect of English you are using but the 
> following sentence doesn't make much sense to me (other than comic value).
> James Christian
> Quoting David Kummerow <farmerjoeblo at hotmail.com>:

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