[b-hebrew] b-hebrew Unicode?

Ratson Naharadama yahoo-arch at heplist.com
Wed Jul 1 22:35:45 EDT 2009

K. Randolph wrote:
 > I would look at your mail server, some of them
 > do not pass on unicode. The reason I am now
 > with Gmail is for that very reason, that while my
 > previous mail server could accept unicode,
 > I couldn’t send unicode.

Nope, it wouldn't be my server. Additionally, I have used Unicode on 
other lists without issue. At this moment, I'm guessing it would be on 
the list-host side. But, I wouldn't be certain if it was a list wide 
setting, or if there is a personal setting for each member. If everyone 
saw my message as non-unicode, then I would initially guess: list wide. 
If only a few people, then there is probably a personal setting for each 
member (I may log in at some point, I guess, and see if there are any 
custom settings that I am able to tweak).

Ratson Naharädama
Denver, Colorado

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