[b-hebrew] barak (bless? curse?) in the Book of Job

Harold Holmyard hholmyard3 at earthlink.net
Wed Jan 28 14:12:42 EST 2009


You say you doubt what BDB says. Here is what the NET Bible has for Job 2:5:

2:5 <verse.php?book=Job&chapter=2&verse=5> But extend your hand and 
strike his bone and his flesh,^ 14 <#n14>  and he will no doubt^ 15 
<#n15>  curse you to your face!"

HH: Here is the note they have for "no doubt":

^15 <#v15>  sn This is the same oath formula found in 1:11 <verse.php>; 
see the note there.

HH: This is the NET translation for 1:11:

1:11 <verse.php?book=Job&chapter=1&verse=11> But^ 50 <#n50>  extend your 
hand and strike^ 51 <#n51>  everything he has, and he will no doubt^ 52 
<#n52>  curse you^ 53 <#n53>  to your face!"

HH: Here is the note for "no doubt":

^52 <#v52>  sn The formula used in the expression is the oath formula: 
"if not to your face he will curse you" meaning "he will surely curse 
you to your face." Satan is so sure that the piety is insincere that he 
can use an oath formula.

Harold Holmyard

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