[b-hebrew] Carmel: The Town of David's Abigail

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> Carmel:  The Town of David's Abigail
> Two things:

1) Carmel was not the name of a town, rather of a region. A mountainous

2) The name predates Joshua's invasion, as such, it is possible that in its
original language it had a different meaning than expected from Hebrew.

> KRML is almost certainly KRM + L, where the final lamed/L is a mere suffix.

This is not Hebrew. Which language is this from?

Such a suffix is found in modern Swiss German, but it's rather a stretch to
find it in bronze age Levant.

> The 3-consonant root is K-R-M.

Again this is a misconception concerning Biblical Hebrew. Not all words come
from a three consonant root. There are several two consonant roots, and
there are a few four consonant roots. The three consonant root is just more

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