[b-hebrew] Complexity and Dating of Hebrew Texts

George Athas George.Athas at moore.edu.au
Fri Apr 24 06:31:19 EDT 2009

Yes, Zephaniah was a person who lived prior to the destruction of Jerusalem in 586 BC. All indications are that he was a very young lad when he prophesied, and so I presume that he was deported to Babylonia, or fled to Egypt. The section of the Twelve that bears his name must, therefore, have pre-exilic elements. However, since we have no independent book of Zephaniah, and the earliest evidence we have for it comes from the larger Book of the Twelve, which is definitely postexilic, it is difficult to know just how much Zephaniah's contribution has been affected. Is there a way you can distinguish 'original' material from later redactional layers?


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