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> Karl,
>> With Prov 20.2, HALOT gives the meaning of the Hitpael of (BR [II] as 'to
> show oneself angry, excited, flare up'. The interesting thing here is the
> 3ms suffix on the Hitpael participle. HALOT gives a couple of options for
> understanding this: 'who brings his anger upon himself, or who infuriates
> him (the king)'. The LXX translates it as PAROXYNWN AYTON, suggesting the
> second option from HALOT. I wonder whether it is picturing an action whereby
> the subject is expressing himself a little too forthrightly, thus provoking
> the ire of the king.
> Maybe I was a little too colloquial in my choice of words, for I read this
verse in Proverbs as indicating a second person who angers the king.

Using a quick electronic search, I find that the hitpael of (BR is used only
eight times: Deteronomy 3:26, Psalms 78:21, 59, 62, 89:38, Proverbs 14:16,
20:2, 26:17. In refering to anger, I understand it as going over the line to
fury. Twice in Proverbs it refers to the action of crossing over. Then this
verse where “he who crosses the king” makes the king angry.

Thanks for your response.

Karl W. Randolph.

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