[b-hebrew] HITPAEL as mutual action

George Athas George.Athas at moore.edu.au
Mon Apr 20 20:39:34 EDT 2009


I think I agree with your evaluation of Gen 42.1. 'Looking at each other' has to have some kind of loaded meaning that conveys more than simply physically looking at each other. But I think that's more a semantic and contextual issue than a grammatical encoding of the Hitpael.

With Prov 20.2, HALOT gives the meaning of the Hitpael of (BR [II] as 'to show oneself angry, excited, flare up'. The interesting thing here is the 3ms suffix on the Hitpael participle. HALOT gives a couple of options for understanding this: 'who brings his anger upon himself, or who infuriates him (the king)'. The LXX translates it as PAROXYNWN AYTON, suggesting the second option from HALOT. I wonder whether it is picturing an action whereby the subject is expressing himself a little too forthrightly, thus provoking the ire of the king.


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