[b-hebrew] The use of the Yiqtol in Isaiah 1:21

Joseph Justiss jljustiss at msn.com
Mon Apr 20 12:05:28 EDT 2009

The Yiqtol in Isaiah 1:21 is handled by most English translations and the major versions as some kind of past reference "Righteousness dwelt/used to dwell in her" with the Targum using a paraphrastic construction "was done in her" (a perfect form of "to be" with a Gt participle). Is it not possible to read the verse as a prediction about what will ultimately happen to the faithful city? I'm thinking something like "righteousness will dwell in her, but for now murders" given the theological vision of restoration in Isaiah as a whole? How do we know for sure this is a "habitual past" use of Yiqtol and not just a forward looking use?


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