[b-hebrew] Bullying, Challenging, and Appeasing: The Patterns of B-Hebrew

Bill Rea bill.rea at canterbury.ac.nz
Thu Apr 16 17:08:13 EDT 2009

John wrote:-

> In short, it is hard not to conclude that the B-Hebrew is currently
> disfunctional with respect to its original goals.  Sad, but absolutely
> fascinating.  It will make a great case study.  Thanks!

Just to set the record straight the original goals of the list were
discarded many years ago. It was narrowed down to a discussion of the
language because people could not be civil towards each other when
discussing other aspects of the text. Even this doesn't work very well
because the same attitudes which prevented civil discussion of the
historical and religious aspects of the text, where the Hebrew language
itself gave particular insight or the understanding of the language was
affected by the same, just tagged right along whatever the topic under

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