[b-hebrew] )BYMLK vs. Abimelech vs. Abi-Molech

George Athas George.Athas at moore.edu.au
Wed Apr 15 23:39:13 EDT 2009

Jim Stinehart asked: "Am I not right to see )BYMLK as connoting  n-o-r-t-h?"

No, Jim, you're not right. )BYMLK is a very common name which would be at home pretty much anywhere in the ancient Near East.

Jim also wrote:  ")BYMLK is a classic name for the ruler of Ssur/Tyre, where Molech was that city-state's guardian god."

If by "Molech", what you mean is the title "King", then OK. But this could be a designation for a deity anywhere. Yahweh is called "King"! There are entire narratives and Psalms devoted to the kingship of Yahweh, and he arguably comes from the S-O-U-T-H (Hab 3). So your insistence on a strictly northern provenance for MLK is just silly. If you mean "Molech" as a specific name for a deity, then you probably need to look at Transjordan, which is decidedly E-A-S-T. But there again, one wonders whether the Ammonite deity is simply known by a title, "King", rather by a personal name. In either case, you're conclusion is wrong.

Jim also wrote: "But the name )BYMLK makes no secular historical sense at all in a southwest Canaan geographical context, does it? "

Jim, you must have a different brand of logic to the rest of us, because this just does not sound at all logical. I urge you, please go and do some proper research where your goal is not to fish for evidence to stock your pre-conceived conclusion, but rather simply to learn.

Given your evasiveness to a previous question, am I correct in concluding that no matter what anyone will say, you will not change your view on a northern location for the patriarchal narratives? If you can read between the lines, I'm giving you a second chance to redeem yourself here. Otherwise, I'll deem it safe to assume that no one can sway you with any type of evidence away from your view. In that case, I'll have little choice but to keep closing down your threads because you're not engaging with evidence - and that is a prime requirement of interacting on B-Hebrew. And may I remind you about the possibility of pursuing a blog.

So over to you...


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