[b-hebrew] : )BYMLK vs. Abimelech vs. Abi-Molech

Uri Hurwitz uhurwitz at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 14 21:16:29 EDT 2009

  This form is a common example of the so-called Kinship Names, where 'father','uncle' or 'brother' refer to the deity as a family or clan member, though ususually in a lead position.
 As it happens, this exact name is attested in the EA tablets: No 152  where "Abi-Milku" appears in full, and also in restoration; and in No. 146 in restoration. The meaning here is 'my father , the God, is king'. This can be checked in the Moran translation.
  Sometimes two kinships appear in one name as in the famous, though perhaps not so fortunate, biblical Ahab.
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 1.  ABYMLK could simply mean "My father is king". This is a perfectly acceptable name. I don't know why you've avoided it as a possibility.
 2.  Even if ABYMLK means "father of the king", it too would be a perfectly acceptable name. The father of such a person called ABYMLK would merely be implying by the name that he hopes for a dynasty to continue through his son and grandson.
    [George Athas] 


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