[b-hebrew] )BYMLK vs. Abimelech vs. Abi-Molech

George Athas George.Athas at moore.edu.au
Tue Apr 14 18:51:45 EDT 2009


Some gaps and problems with your thesis:

 1.  ABYMLK could simply mean "My father is king". This is a perfectly acceptable name. I don't know why you've avoided it as a possibility.
 2.  Even if ABYMLK means "father of the king", it too would be a perfectly acceptable name. The father of such a person called ABYMLK would merely be implying by the name that he hopes for a dynasty to continue through his son and grandson.
 3.  You haven't provided any evidence for equating Molech with 'Baal', which is an honorific usually reserved for the Syrian/Phoenician deity Hadad.
 4.  Given point 3, there is no evident basis for placing the patriarchal narrative in the Galilee.

Furthermore, given your previous posts, none of which has been convincing, there is no good reason for transplanting the seemingly plainly evident location of the majority of patriarchal narratives in the south of Syria-Palestine. It seems extremely tendentious that a text has so many 'false positives' for the south, and so many intricately complex linguistic sidesteps to obscure a truly northern location.

Let me put it another way: When you add a series of 'if' statements together, you don't end up with a plausible theory, but rather an ever weakening view with a slim chance of being right.

If = plausible
If + If = possible
If + If + If = a long shot
If + If + If + If = tendentious
If + If + If + If +If = you're joking, right?
If + If + If + If + If + If = parallel universe (aka science fiction)

Jim, let me ask you to do something. Could you confirm to the list that you would like the patriarchal narratives to be set in northern Palestine, rather than southern Palestine, and that most evidence will not sway you from your view?


Moore Theological College (Sydney, Australia)

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