[b-hebrew] Lud

Al Craig crequi at ntlworld.com
Mon Apr 13 13:15:36 EDT 2009

In the Sons of Shem scheme, ELAM-ASSHUR, mainly representing the Assyrian 
Empire, is an east-to-west sweep across the northern part of the fertile 
crescent. ARPACHSHAD-LUD-ARAM could be a separate south-to-north progression 
where Arpachshad is the wilderness beyond the southern end of the fertile 
crescent, Lud is an alternative to Lot as the ancestor of the Ammonites and 
Moabites east of the Jordan, to the west the people are classified under 
Ham, and finally Aram is in southern Syria.

My question is this: Can Lud and Lot be seen as variations of the same name?


Al Craig

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