[b-hebrew] pronunciation of waw-consecutive of hyh

Charles Grebe cgrebe at briercrest.ca
Sun Apr 12 17:50:08 EDT 2009

For more explanation of what George is referring to below, see the bottom of page 82 and most of page 83 in "A Grammar of Biblical Hebrew" by Paul Joüon, T. Muraoka. 

The simple English description of this is that the "coal mine" letters sometimes drop their dagesh forte if they are followed by a shewa. "Coal mine" is a mnemonic for the following letters Qoph, Waw, Lamed, Mem, Yod, and Num. Here's a quick explanation of the rule and mnemonic on my web site.

Scroll down to Chapter 6 - "Coal Mine" letters.

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Now to your question. It is often the case that when a yodh carries a shewa, it resists gemination - that is, it is frequently not doubled.

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