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Tue Apr 7 18:17:02 EDT 2009


If this is a short message, what are your long messages like? This is as
long as most of your messages. Or have all your messages been “short”? Your
messages would be a source of amusement if they were not so tiringly long (I
read only part of this one).

We don’t know the size of Abraham’s flocks, but if we guesstimate from the
number of slaves he had, his flocks probably numbered from 5–10,000 if not
more, not counting his other livestock. We read that the land was largely
unpopulated during the early bronze age when Abraham lived, otherwise the
local population would not have tolerated such huge flocks in their midst.

And the indications are that Lot’s flocks were similarly large.

Your frequent references to the “inhospitable Negev Desert”are becoming
rather tiring, but also a sign of your stupidity, as the ancient records
show that it was not always the inhospitable desert that we see today,
rather even well into the iron age it was a savannah with patches of forest,
well able to support such flocks as Abraham owned. Thus there is no problem
with NGB in Genesis 20 referring to the south, near where the Philistines
then lived.

Or do you think that by repeating the “inhospitable Negev Desert” over and
over again, you can convince us that the ancient records were wrong?

Please follow George Athas’ suggestion, and open a blog.

Karl W. Randolph.

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