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The Hebrew spellings of the city two slots north of Chinnereth in eastern 
Galilee, and of the city two slots south of Chinnereth, are very controversial, 
and in my considered opinion are also a key to understanding the Patriarchal 
narratives.  (I did not mean to imply that scholars have focused on this issue.  
They have not.)  I will ask questions about, and seek discussion of, those 
Hebrew spellings of those city names in my next post.
With your permission, however, let me just briefly note in this short post 
the relatively minor spelling issues regarding the name of the city immediately 
north of Chinnereth, and the name of the city immediately south of Chinnereth, 
in eastern Galilee.
Hazor is the next city north of Chinnereth in eastern Galilee.  All scholars 
agree that the Hazor at Joshua 19: 36 is the same as the Hazor at item #32 on 
the Thutmose III list, even though the spellings are very different.  In 
Biblical Hebrew, the spelling is XCWR.  On the Thutmose III list, the spelling is 
HZR (where an underlined Egyptian D would normally be zayin/Z in Hebrew).  We 
see from this example that the spellings of city names may differ greatly 
between Biblical Hebrew in Joshua and secular sources.  (Omitted is a discussion of 
the possibility that HZR may be an earlier, different name of the same city, 
having a different underlying meaning than XCWR, per HCN at Ezekiel 23: 24.)
Adamah is south of Chinnereth in eastern Galilee.  Adamah is )DMH at Joshua 
19: 36.  A he/H suffix is commonplace in Biblical Hebrew city names, but is 
never used on the Tuthmosis III list.  So this is )DM + suffix.
Adamah is probably item #36 on the Thutmose III list, where the Egyptian 
letters JTMM can be viewed as being the equivalent of )DM + suffix in Biblical 
Hebrew..  (Discussion of items #36 and #51 omitted.)
In order to keep this post short, let me simply state that I agree with the 
slight majority of scholars who see the site of Biblical Adamah as being at 
Tell Adami.  (Long discussion of varying scholarly views on this issue omitted.)  
Here is a terrific map of Lower Galilee, which shows all the key sites in 
Lower Galilee -- including Tell Adami/Horns of Hattin, which is Adamah at Joshua 
19: 36.
 _http://truthandpurpose.com/?p=113_ (http://truthandpurpose.com/?p=113) 
In my next post on this thread, I will raise the key Hebrew spelling issues 
as to the name of the controversial city south of Adamah.  These first two 
posts on this thread have been background information.  My next post will be 
controversial, and will seek advice on, and discussion of, the key Hebrew spelling 
issues involved.
(George, I will try to follow your good advice and keep my posts shorter.)
Jim Stinehart
Evanston, Illinois

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