[b-hebrew] Eastern Galilee

George Athas George.Athas at moore.edu.au
Mon Apr 6 19:28:32 EDT 2009


I don't think the list is up for a series of essays on this topic. And given your past form, I fear that much of it will be highly speculative. Can I suggest that you ask some questions to foster some genuine interaction, rather than use this forum as a journal or personal publishing outlet. And I don't mean ask leading questions which are just thinly veiled statements. I have mentioned this to you before, but you seem to slide quickly back into monologue postings.

A further tip: Please avoid making sweeping statements. The spelling of the names of cities in Galilee is certainly NOT "the single greatest controversy that exists regarding the Patriarchal narratives." Such sweeping generalisations actually reveal an ignorance of current scholarship on the patriarchal narratives. Your insistence on such statements will unfortunately invite only ridicule. You are entitled to your viewpoint, but please do not portray your viewpoint as the standard view of scholarship. This is misrepresentation, which is a serious crime in the academic world.

If you wish to explore these topics in the detail you normally do, please do so on a blog. That is a far more appropriate outlet for you than treating this forum as your personal column. Please take this advice to maintain the spirit of B-Hebrew.


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