[b-hebrew] $XR = black?

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Your logical gymnastics are impressive, and wrong as usual.

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> Dear Kevin Edgecomb and Karl:
> 1.  Isaiah 27: 12-13 Is Not the Promised Land

1) this text does not claim what are the limits of the Promised Land.

2) historically both Assyria and Egypt included territories that were beyond
the limits of the Promised land, therefore

3) verse 13 describes prophecies concerning territories that were not part
of the Promised Land, therefore

4) Your inclusion of these verses as an argument for your understanding is
foolish and illogical.

Another point not part of these verses is that you are making a straw man
argument out of what was said before, twisting our words into a parody that
we can scarcely recognize.

> 2.  Genesis 15: 18;  25: 18 Is Not the Promised Land
> Genesis 15: 18 does not concern the Promised Land of Jacob’s descendants
> (the
> Hebrews), but rather tells us what land Abraham’s descendants (including
> Ishmael) will inhabit:

Numerous verses indicate that the promise was to Isaac, and that Ishmael did
not share in them. However, God allowed several peoples to settle in the
Promised Land until Israel (the nation) was ready to take possession
thereof, Ishmael’s descendants being one of those peoples.

3.  $XR Is Not Shihor

Oh? And with the materes lexionis being so optional as they were in Biblical
Hebrew, how can you make that blanket claim without knowing Hebrew? You have
to make a case by case analysis, which you obviously cannot do.

> 4.  $XR vs. “Black”
> Karl, Kevin Edgecomb, Nadav Na’aman and Yigal Levin all agree on one thing:
> $XR, when used as a geographical term relating to Egypt, is  n-o-t  a
> Hebrew
> word, and has nothing to do with the Hebrew common word $XR that means
> “black”

Another straw man argument.

I said that $YXWR, with a yod and waw, is not Biblical Hebrew, and it was
used in a manner that referred to the limits of Egypt, not to Egypt as a

I said in Isaiah 23:3 that the context indicates that $XR is a verb,
referring to an action by Tyre.

For you to conflate these statements then make the claim that I indicated
that $XR refers to Egypt as a whole is ludicrous.

> Jim Stinehart
> Evanston, Illinois

Karl W. Randolph.
San Francisco

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