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Thu Oct 30 14:19:31 EDT 2008

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The Theological Seminary of the /Adventist International Institute of 
Advanced Studies/ is proud to announce the publication of the first 
issue of volume 11 (2008) of the /Journal of Asia Adventist Seminary/ 
(ISSN 1908--4862), formerly /Asia Adventist Seminary Studies/ (ISSN 
0119--8432), a peer-refereed academic journal, focusing on biblical and 
theological research. This particular issue contains an engaging mix of 
linguistic, biblical, and missiological research from international 
scholars as well as a number of helpful critical book reviews. We 
encourage interested scholars and institutions to subscribe either 
directly or via EBSCO. The second issue of volume 11 (2008) should 
appear in December of 2008. As always, we welcome submissions to the 
journal from all interested scholars.

For editorial queries, submissions or subscription requests please contact

          Editor /Journal of Asia Adventist Seminary/


          P.O.Box 038

          Silang, Cavite 4118


Or electronically:

/          editor.jaas at aiias.edu/ (Gerald A. Klingbeil, editor)

/          assoc.ed.jaas at aiias.edu /(Mathilde Frey, associate editor)

/          review.jaas at aiias.edu/ (Michael Sokupa, book review editor)

/          subscription.jaas at aiias.edu/ (Marcus B. Witzig, Subscription 

/          periodacq at aiias.edu /(Diana Park, Journal Exchanges)


The Table of Contents for /JAAS/ 11.1 (2008) includes the following:

Daniel K. Bediako (1--20)

"Isaiah's 'New Heaven and New Earth' (Isa 65:17; 66:22)"


Raúl Quiroga (21--42)

"'Back to Basics': Possible Intertextual Links between 2 Corinthians 
4:1--5:10 and Genesis 1--3"


Clinton Wahlen (43--55)

"'The Pathway into the Holy Places' (Heb 9:8): Does it End at the Cross?"


Miguel Luna (57--72)

"Modeling a Life of Faith: Unanswered Questions between Faith and Reason"


Thesis and Dissertation Abstracts (73--75)


Critical Book Reviews (77--107)

/The Hittites and Their World, /by Billie Jean Collins. Archaeology and 
Biblical Studies 7. Atlanta: Society of Biblical Literature, 2007. 
Reviewed by Emmer Chacón (77--80)

/An Introduction to the New Testament: Witnesses of God's New Work, /by 
Charles B. Cousar. Louisville: Westminster John Knox, 2006. Reviewed by 
Héctor O. Martín Fuentes (81--84)

/Flame of Yahweh: Sexuality in the Old Testament/, by Richard M. 
Davidson. Peabody: Hendrickson, 2007. Reviewed by Grenville Kent (84--87)

/The Tenants in the Vineyard: Ideology, Economics, and Agrarian Conflict 
in Jewish Palestine/, by John S. Kloppenborg. WUNT 195. Tübingen: Mohr 
Siebeck, 2006./ / Reviewed by Clinton Wahlen (87--94)

/Logos Bible Software 3: Gold Edition/, by Logos Research Systems. 
Bellingham: Logos Research Systems, 2007. Reviewed by Gerald A. 
Klingbeil (94--98)

/In Granite or Ingrained? What the Old and New Covenants Reveal about 
the Gospel, the Law, and the Sabbath, /by Skip MacCarthy. Berrien 
Springs: Andrews University Press, 2007/. /Reviewed by Simon Bwambale 

/Paul and His Opponents/, edited by Stanley E. Porter. Pauline Studies 
2. Leiden: Brill, 2005. Reviewed by Michael Sokupa (102--105)

/Daniel: Wisdom to the Wise. Commentary on the Book of Daniel/, by 
Zdravko Stefanovic. Boise: Pacific Press, 2007. Reviewed by Ronald Stone 


Subscription rates for 2008 have remained the same and are as follows:

International Annual Subscription

          Individual:          US$30.00

          Institutional:      US$45.00

Local (Philippines) Annual Subscription

          Individual:            PhP500.00

          Institutional:       PhP750.00


Gerald A. Klingbeil, D.Litt.

Dean of the Theological Seminary

Professor of Hebrew Bible and Ancient Near Eastern Studies

Editor /Journal of Asia Adventist Seminary/


Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies

P.O.Box 038, Lalaan 1

Silang, Cavite 4118, Philippines


office: +63-46-414-4330

home: +63-46-414-4409

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