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> From: Oun Kwon


> This is not about language but i hope it is something I can ask on 

> this list.


> Matthew 1:(KJV) "5 And Salmon begat Booz of Rachab"


> The way I learned is the traditional understanding of this Rahab of 

> G-Mt as Radab of Canaan conquest.


> Now I happen to read a web page where this is quoted


> "The only Rachab mentioned in the Tanakh was the Rachab of the 

> Conquest who lived about two hundred years before Boaz."


> I thought, wow. Was Boaz that late?


> Here is my calculation tracing down family line:


> Judah - Perez -Hezron - Ram - Amminadab - Nahshon - Salmon - Boaz (Mt 

> and

> O.T.)

> Levi - Kohath - Amram - Moses & Aaron (great-grandsons) (Exo 6:16 ff) 

> Ephraim - ? - Ammihud - Elishaman - Nun - Joshua (Num 1:16)


> Here Amminadab and Elishaman were the tribal leaders in the first 

> census of Israel, 2nd year after Exodus.


[Steve Miller] Amminadab was not tribal leader, but his son Nahshon.


> Joshua, young general in charge for the new generation in Canaan 

> conquest is a grandson of these leaders. When compared these tribal 

> lines, Boaz is only one generation behind Joshua, which brings Boaz at 

> the time of Caanan conquest where we find the story of Rahab.


> Jamieson Commentary says (for G-Mt): "a thing not beyond possibility 

> indeed, but extremely improbable, there being about four centuries 

> between them. There can hardly be a doubt that one or two intermediate 

> links are omitted"


[Steve Miller] I don't see the problem. Nahshon was a leader at the
beginning of the Exodus. His son, Salmon, would have been of age to marry to
marry Rahab at the end of the 40 years in the wilderness.


Matthew 1 does not skip any generations between Abraham & David because v17
says "_ALL_ the generations from Abraham to David are 14 generations." After
David, Matthew skips generations. He does not use the word "ALL" to describe
the generation counts after David.

-Steve Miller




> I wonder there are other scholarly source with such conclusion. (Some 

> says 200 years gap from Boaz to Rahab). How did they come up with such 

> conclusions?


> Another minor question: from the reading Num 1:16, it is not clear 

> whether there is additional generation. Was Ammihud a son or a 

> grandson of Ephraim?


> Thanks for your help.


> Oun Kwon.



Yours in Christ,

-Steve Miller


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