[b-hebrew] Use of cognate languages in the interpretation of Biblical Hebrew

dwashbur at nyx.net dwashbur at nyx.net
Wed Oct 22 02:56:26 EDT 2008

On 22 Oct 2008 at 15:21, George Athas wrote:

> > Check out almost anything by Mitchell Dahood.
> Nonetheless, be wary of Dahood's interpretations. While there is a freshness to his results, I feel that sometimes he might be blurring the distinction between Hebrew and Ugaritic a little too much, such that Hebrew becomes Ugaritic in thin disguise. His approach is, however, intriguing.
Agreed, and thanks for the caveat.  I was referring to the fact that he most always explains 
his rationale for using cognate languages as much as he does.  

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