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Wed Oct 15 13:28:06 EDT 2008

On 15 Oct 2008 at 10:33, K Randolph wrote:

> Dave:
> >> How do you render $KM in 48:22, then?
> >>
> >> As I wrote before, I understand it as an idiomatic use of "shoulder" to
> > mean that he gets an additional benefit above his brothers, who Jacob took
> > from the hand of the Amorite (Laban) by force of arms (Genesis 31). Only
> > Benjamin was born in Canaan, all the others were born in Padan Aram.
> >
> > Karl W. Randolph.
> >
> On second thought, I just looked over a response by Gabe where he mentioned
> about getting up early in the morning connected with $XM, so could this use
> be connected with this root with the meaning of "advancement" or
> "advantage"?

I'm not sure searching out a root that connects the two is going to get us anywhere, but 
there may be something to the "advantage" idea, especially coupled with the material 
above.  I have a problem with the idea that what Jacob took from Laban is what is in view, 
partly because the grammar suggests otherwise.  $KM here is singular, where )XYK is 
plural; if the )$r was referring  to the plural "brothers" we should expect a resumptive 
pronoun on LQXTY to make it clear.  The fact that we don't hints that whatever it was Jacob 
took was one of the singular nouns in the context.  It's an awkward sentence, that's for sure, 
especially the position of )XD.

Dave Washburn
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