[b-hebrew] various interpretations of HWWT

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Sorry for the Ps instead of Psa - I am not expert in the English abbreviations.

In Ex 9:6  should have been Ex 9:3 HNH YD HWYH

Job 27:6 should have been Job 37:6 HW) )RC .

My sincere apologies for the typos.

In any case, I agree that there are synonyms in all languages,
I was asking if anyone has carefully considered this particular word
and figured out how many different sources there are
and which appearance maps to which source.

Yaakov (J) Stein
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can you be more accurate?
-You write Ps 64:20 --- you should have written Psa 94:20
-You write Ex 9:6 ----- nothing at all!
-You write Jb 27:6 ------- nothing at all!

The words you bring here are or fit:

-Is 47:11; Eze 7:26 and Ecc 2:22: www.oham.net/out/N-t/N-t007.html
-The remaining: www.oham.net/out/N-t/N-t103.html
(The word in Gn 27:29 is an imperative, not a noun)
These are two QUITE different patterns.

Now, as regards the particular meaning in the different texts... one must
carefully consider the context, as it happens in all the languages!

Pere Porta
Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain)

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