[b-hebrew] Please get this list back under control

John M. Linebarger jmlineb at comcast.net
Mon Oct 13 14:23:44 EDT 2008

I have a humble request.  Please get this list back under control.  Compared to the civil discourse among scholars that characterizes the B-Greek list that I also am a member of, the B-Hebrew list allows itself to be overrun by nut cases with an agenda -- intelligent nut cases to be sure, but nut cases nonetheless.

So to keep me and other lurkers from simply saying, "So long!," I request that the moderator actively take back control of this list and filter out the interminable posts from the nut cases (you know who you are).

Thank you!

John M. Linebarger, PhD (Computer Science)
Sandia National Laboratories
Albuquerque, New Mexico

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