[b-hebrew] Hebraic Tongue Restored

Dana Densmore verdelion at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 12 10:44:46 EDT 2008

Hebraic Tongue Restored: And the True Meaning of the Hebrew Words Re-Established and Proved by Their Radical Analysis by Fabre D'Olivet

I searched the b-hebrew archives for posts on this and found only one post.  It was by David Peres referring an inquirer to this book for information on mystical significance of Hebrew letters.  

I also searched the RBL Reviews of Biblical Literature archive for reviews, and found none.

The book has recently (July 2007) been re-issued by Hermetica.  

I thought I remembered a discussion of the plausibility of the author's analysis on this list, so I was surprised that nothing turned up in my search.  I don't want to ask that a topic that may have been thoroughly hashed out be dredged up again; I'm happy to be directed to the archives.  

But if it hasn't been discussed already, I would like to hear whether anyone on the list has looked into this book and can say how fanciful his derivations are.

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