[b-hebrew] birth rate in Captivity

Doug Belot dbelot at bigpond.net.au
Sat Oct 11 17:24:45 EDT 2008

I wonder please  could you give me a explanation on the 430 year period that Israel spent in Egypt , it seems that only two or three generations were born in Egypt , even tho the Israelites were considered proplific breeders and went from 70 to 600000 , 

Examples are Levi and son Kohath go into captivity ,  Amran is born to Kohath  and then  Moses is born to Amram there Num 3:17, and Moses leads Israel out , after 430 years . 

Levi much the same , Levi has Perez , Perez has Hezron , Num 1:7,  then come captivity , Hezron has Ram in Egypt , Ram has Amminadab  , Amminadab has Nahson , who leads Judah out , so only Ram and Amminadab and Nasho , three generations are born in 430 years , is this meant to tell us that a generation is 100 years or is there another reason why semingly birth rate has declined , Gen 11:11-25  saw births at approx 30 years , why did they lengthen to 100 approx in capivity

doug belot

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