[b-hebrew] Hosea 1:8-11

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Hi again,

I think you're being too literal, in expecting every "child" here to
represent a different part of the nation. The first son, Jeezrel, is so
named to get across the message of God's impending destruction of the
reining hous of Jehu, who had usurped the monarchy by a massacre at Jeezrel
(although in 2 Kings 9 this is presented favorabley). The other children 
also symbolize Israel, each in his or her own way.

And yes, the image of Israel as God's "wife" is fairly common in the 
prophets. Intersting, as the word for "husband" (God) is "baal" as in the 
name of the Canaanite deity worshipped by some in Israel. This theme is 
developed in Hosea 3.

Yigal Levin

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> Thank you Yigal , I do apolgise for inadvertanly upestting Yohanan ,
> please
> believe me I am not trying to sneak one in , I did not know it was a
> 'mainly" Hebrew site , I do hope I can get some more information from you
> all , incidentally how do you see , better put do you see the first two
> children , Jezreeel and Lo-Ruhamah representing Israel and Judah . Is then
> the "mother" of Lo-Ammi , who is told she is no longer my wife , do you
> consider her "Israel" , as say in Jer 3:1-14 , Is 50:1 . Israel does seem
> to
> ne given a wifely role in the Prophets .

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