[b-hebrew] Hosea 1:8-11

Doug Belot dbelot at bigpond.net.au
Thu Oct 9 19:08:21 EDT 2008

I have been advised to send my question via this link ....ok , I give it a try...

Paul wrote in Rom 9:24-27 of the incoming gentiles as the sons of the living God , Paul  advises us that this is what God has planned , and that  Hosea had written of such a gentile inclusion, with Jews as well

Rom 9:24  even us who he called , not only the Jews , but also the gentiles also

Rom 9:24  "As he says in Hosea" 

That should get us to read what Hosea had said , which is in Hos 1:8-11 there we read of Lo-Ammi , the third child of Hosea and Gomer/God and Israel , this child is the "sons of the living God" .

>From that I am concluding that the Lo-Ammi , sons of the living God , is the church , which then tells its mother(Israel) Hos 2:1-2, 

Hos 2;2  "Bring charges against your mother  for she is no longer My wife" .

However as we read on we see that from Hos 2:14-12  the mother/Israel is recalled , just as when she was called out of Egypt , v15  , she will again be "allured" back into a marriage with the Lord.

Thus we have the return of Israel , as the Lords wife , after the gentiles have been included as the "sons of the living God".

Do you Hebrew  experts  agree....

doug belot

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