[b-hebrew] Hebron: The Linguistic Search for the Patriarchs' Bronze Age "Hebron"

George Athas George.Athas at moore.edu.au
Thu Oct 9 16:04:10 EDT 2008

Come on, Jim! What kind of reasoning is that? Let me reinforce Karl and Dave's responses.

Firstly, no there is no possibility in the text that "Hebron" means "not Hebron". The suggestion is special pleading because your case has no legs. It sounds to me like arguing, "Well, let's suppose that the words don't indicate what they seem to indicate, and that an ambidextrous, blue-eyed albino midget from the Yukon, with a pet fish called Winona, wrote the text..."

Secondly, if "Hebron" as a proper noun does not appear until late, all that tells us is that the author of the patriarchal narratives lived at a late date -- certainly much later than the Amarna period.

Thirdly, the -WN ending is recognised as a substantival diminutive ending, a bit like adding "-y" to English words. It can be found in place names, but it doesn't mean "place" -- that's not part of its semantics. That's why you find it also on a whole range of non-place terms, such as those Karl listed.

Once again, your theory seems to have no basis in reasonable logic.

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