[b-hebrew] sheeth in Ps 73:6

Steve Miller smille10 at sbcglobal.net
Thu Oct 9 01:10:01 EDT 2008

Dear friends,


Ps 73:6 is translated “Therefore pride encircles them. A garment of violence
covers them.” I question translating the Hebrew word “sheeth” as “garment”
because it is only translated so here and in Prov 7:10. The consonants  Shin
Yod Tav are commonly translated “thorns” (i.e. Isa 5:6; 7:23-25, etc.), but
when translated as “thorns”, the word is voweled differently, with a patah
under the shin, rather then a hireq. 


Could the meaning of the 2nd ½ of Ps 73:6 be, “Thorns of violence cover
them” or “a thorny covering of violence is to them”? As thorns are a fallen
self-defense, the meaning then would be – if anyone tries to reprove them,
they violently attack him. 


If so, then Prov 7:10 could be translated, “and behold a woman to meet him,
a thorny harlot and subtle of heart.” “Thorny” means she speaks verbal


Any comments? 


Another question: In Ps 73:6 there is a dash between the word “covers” and
“sheeth”. Does the dash mean anything?





-Steve Miller



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