[b-hebrew] Genesis Chronology

Ron Snider sarasotapt at comcast.net
Mon Oct 6 17:36:46 EDT 2008

Bill wrote

This is a methodological issue. The question is whether one allows outside
evidence to assist in understanding the text. There should be no reason to
exclude outside evidence no matter what faith a person might hold. While to
the best of my recollection Jim hasn't stated his faith he seems to have a
high regard for the accuracy of the Patriarchal narratives albeit from his
own viewpoint. 

Its not a simple case of accepting the text at face value or rejecting it.
The reason that people of faith ought to take some interest in subjects like
history and archaeology is that they provide new insights into the text
including some words whose meanings are obscure. An example is in 2 Samuel
5:8. For a long time it wasn't clear how David's men got into the city of
the Jebusites. 

Bill, I agree that outside evidence can be quite helpful.  I certainly 
think that isagogics has a very important place in the study of the 
text.   However, it is not only a matter of methodology,  it is a matter 
of preconceived ideas about the text.  If one does not deem the text to 
be inerrant, inspired by God, then the Bible is simply a literary 
collection that is hardly worth our time to read (being so dated and 
all).  If it contains something about the nature of God, the path to 
salvation, and a multitude of other important matters, then it deserves 
to be treated as such.  It sometimes is a simple matter of taking the 
text at face value.  I do take much interest in history and archaeology, 
which I know do provide insights into the text.  However, when the Bible 
conflicts with "accepted Egyptian chronology", I side with the Bible, 
believing that the text will be vindicated and that men make errors.

I know the parameters of the list, and this is off topic.  However, I 
mostly lurk, and only post when I have serious textual questions that 
require a pretty high level of scholarship.  I know that all kinds of 
people use this list, unbelievers, believers, Jews, Gentiles, men, 
women, etc.  I have no desire to offend, but some things get pretty far 
afield here, and some simply use the list to advance their own weird 
agenda.  Nevertheless, I find it a valuable resource from time to time.

Ron Snider,
Makarios Bible Church

PS if you are interested, I am including a link to our site so you can 
see the doctrines and exegetical work I do.


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